Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcome to Psychpass.com



Welcome to Psychpass.com - home of quality MOBILE MCQS for MRCPsych which is highly relevant to exams. These are available for both ANDROID and IPHONE plateforms.

This is a very innovative approach to MRCPsych. While no one can replace the reading and discussion as a method for preparing for MRCPsych examinations, we all appreciate that more senses we use towards learning, the better the retention for the learning material is.

Get an Iphone or Android phone and keep on preparing for your MRCPsych when you are free between your work schedule, in the outpatients clinic between your patients or if there is a DNA,  in the kitchen, on the sofa, on the road while someone is driving off course or even while waiting in your car while your partner is doing grocery in the supermarket.

The mCQs are focused on the MRCPsych examination and has been written by those who have already passed their MRCPsych.

Watch out for ever growing library of MRCPsych paper 1, 2, 3.

Remember MRCPsych pass percentage is very low and you deserve an edge.

There are many more and ever growing.


For Iphones:

On all Iphones there is a app called 'App Store'. In the search box type Psychpass and you will be presented with the library of MRCPsych Apps for you to download.


For Android Phones:

Use Google Play App to search and download the Psychpass Apps.





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